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it (Report-card App)

  • 26 Sep

  • zhan9563

“It” is a report card app for students, teachers and parents. Students will have individual avatars, and they can collect “it” coins by attending school on time every day. In their closet, they can use the “it” coins to buy items to change their avatar’s default setting. On their home page, they will have a bulletin board reminding them of coming events, and they can also add and change appointments in the calendar. Students can easily access different courses to get files within the app, and students can check on their scores and get feedback from instructors and supporting messages from their parents as well. By checking their feedback, students can get in touch with their teacher promptly.

Using this app, the teacher can easily add files to their courses, access the roster, or even contact parents. The app organizes student grades without requiring the teacher to open an external data base.

For parents, the basic function of the app is to give them access to their children’s scores and letting them contact their child’s teacher. On the student’s home screen, the facial expression of the avatar shows what the current GPA is for individual students instead of telling them directly.