We are building a society of postcard. Have a piece of POST, and you will have everything!


We sell 3 types of postcard: paper, electronic and talking postcard. Experience new technology with our postcard.


Instead going to Post Office, we help you send postcard. You can also send  to the future, and we will help you keep the postcard and give you that piece of surprise whenever you want.


Downloading our app from App store for free. In our app you can send postcard immediately and post the card you’ve created, also, check out our online shop there.

Post Café

Our store is a postcard cafe, offering you a place to choose your card, write your card, and meeting friends.

POST is your 1st choice of postcard

“Send me a postcard, wherever you go. ”

“I've got your card and miss you.”


Post are not only a postcard store. We help you keep the tradition of writing postcard and create surprise together.

Who are we?


There are very few shops in America that sells only postcard, and that is the reason we want focus on postcard. We love the tradition of writing postcards and we love the physical paper card intend of emails. Postcard is all about memory, we are creating and selling memory.  
People will give up buying postcard because they think it’s not convenient for them to buy, write and send the postcard. That’s why we want help them doing all that in our store! We are providing and selling convenience.



“The world before us is a postcard, and I imagine the story we are writing on it.”

“I’m surprised by the card I sent through POST 6 months ago!!!”

“I love POST and everything there in store!”

“I got a postcard with a movie ticket from my boyfriend. It’s such a wonderful gift I have ever received!”

The team

The force is strong with this one

John Doe


My life is all about creating fun.


Marketing Management

I know everyone needs a little bit time of thinking every day.



Find your life on cards and keep it forever!

Chris Yamato



“When you get the reply card from me, you will be my wife, in 6 month.”


Thank you! We have received your message.




Contact Info


1211 E 23rd St, Manhattan New York, NY